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Cause marketing? There's an app for that


April 2016     
Dear Mumtaz,

'There's an app for that.'  Whether we want a lift, a reservation or advice on selecting the right dog, we've come to expect that someone has built an app to help us get whatever we need.
We're excited to see this trend has not been lost on our community. More and more cause marketers are integrating with or creating new apps to mobilize people for good. For example:

Fit For Good: In November of 2015, Fitbit users were asked to join a charitable team and use their steps to determine how a $1 million corporate donation would be divvied up between three charities over two weeks. Fitbit's user engagement as well as social shares increased meaningfully as charity partners and celebrity supporters embraced this short sprint to the prize money. Not a bad way for Fitbit and their charity partners to enter into the competitive holiday season and stay top of mind!

In a partnership with Goodwill, on-demand storage appMakeSpace dropped off co-branded donation bags to customers, collected donations, and delivered the goods to local Goodwill facilities. The partnership provided a win for customers who eliminated a trip, a win for Goodwill in the form of donated goods and a win for MakeSpace who bolstered their brand image and earned new customer accounts.

The Make Safe Happen app, a collaboration between Nationwide Insurance and Nationwide Children's Hospital, offers age by age, room by room tools for parents to help keep their kids safe at home. Users can create to-do lists, set calendar reminders and purchase safety products. This always-on app becomes a powerful tool for communicating practical safety resources to parents and brings the Nationwide commitment to injury and accident prevention to life in a meaningful way.

Smart phones have become such a part of the fabric our lives, it makes tremendous sense to explore how you could achieve greater success by leveraging how apps engage people by offering convenience, motivation, entertainment and access to information.

Many lessons learned about leveraging technology to power social good will be shared at CMF2016 on June 1 & 2 in Chicago.
Why not use your calendar app today to schedule the time to join us?

David Hessekiel
Cause Marketing Forum

APRIL 20, 2:00pm ET  
$99 or FREE to CMF Members
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If you're asking consumers to donate to a good cause at point of sale, there's one factor that can make or break your campaign: how informed, inspired and engaged front-line employees are.
Employees serve as your brand ambassadors when it comes to in-store cause activations. The success of these in-store fundraising efforts is directly correlated to how prepared staff are to serve in this critical role.
In this webinar, a panel of brand experts will share their deep experience with point of sale activations. You'll also have an opportunity to get your own questions answered directly.

You will learn: 
  • Communication's delicate balance: what's too much (and why) and what's too little
  • Best channels for communicating cause messaging with employees
  • The role that strong content can play in employee communications
  • Best practices in prizing, incentives and recognition
  • What brands have learned about engaging consumers at the register
  • The role pin-pad technology can play
  • Critical employee feedback lessons
  • The importance of store campaign leaders
  • Lessons each brand learned the hard way
  • Best ways for nonprofit partners support point of sale efforts

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